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Same Day Virtual provides Live Answering and Receptionist Services, Meeting Rooms, Virtual Offices with Mail Forwarding, and Office Space Finder Services quickly and efficiently for all of your business needs!

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Customization, Productivity, and Efficiency are the core of our business. At Same Day Virtual, it is all about our clients. Let us know what you need: live answering services with dedicated receptionists, meeting rooms on demand, mail forwarding and virtual office solutions and more.

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Various legal professionals and organizations rely on Same Day Virtual receptionists to take care of their call and scheduling needs as well as to deliver a professional image. Our meeting facilities are perfect for depositions! Inquire now.

Service Industries

Service-based businesses often experience a high volume of calls. Let us take the pressure off and help your business dedicate ample time to each call you get! Sign Up For Live Answering Services Now.

Finance & Real Estate

With locations in every major metropolitan city in the U.S., Finance and Real Estate Professionals trust Same Day Virtual to find full-time office space in the areas they specialize in. Let Us Find Space For You Too!

Technology Consultants

Many Tech Companies need meeting rooms on demand to meet with business associates throughout the country, with Same Day Virtual you can book meeting rooms in minutes and get that much closer to being the next big technology provider! Book Your Meeting Rooms Now!

Advertising & Media

The Advertising and Media industries use search engine optimization to drive their businesses… many Same Day Virtual clients use multiple virtual office locations to drive more traffic to their websites and increase their website’s ranks on search engines. Sign Up For A Virtual Office In Minutes!


Same Day Virtual provides Live Answering Services to those in the healthcare fields for when they are preoccupied and cannot answer their own calls. Many doctors use Same Day Virtual’s Live Receptionist Services to filter calls from patients. Pick A Live Receptionist Plan and Get Started Today!

Live Phone Answering

Same Day provides businesses with an outstanding team of receptionists to provide live call answering, message transcription, call screening, and more. Our receptionists are here to serve you Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM PST.

Meeting Rooms On-Demand

In need of a professional space to host your meetings? Great! We have hundreds of options available in cities all over the nation. Let us book your next meeting!

Full-Time Office Space

Full-time private offices are available at hundreds of locations all over the nation. Let us know what city you are interested in and let us do all of the tedious work for you—just sit back and relax.

Virtual Offices

Virtual Offices are available all over the country through Same Day Virtual. Keep your overhead low and your company’s presence strong. Open a Virtual Office in minutes at one of our locations now!

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